Hi, I'm Caela. I'm in my early twenties, so that should say enough.

“Your booty might be bigger, but I still can pull your nigga, but I don’t want him.”

– The Queen Badu

  • guy: you don't trust me?
  • me: i don't trust anyone.
  • guy: but im white.
  • me: huh?
  • guy: nothing.
  • me: because you're white?! is that supposed to make me feel better?
  • him: *chuckles* I'm not white trash, haha.
  • me: I'm black do you trust me?! (absolute sarcasm)
  • him: yea you're clean black, not ghetto black.
  • me: no, no, no. you're not right.

I love when something or someone inspires me to write in my journal. Looking at old journal entries of free write makes my heart flutter. Names never go in my journal. If I don’t remember you from the story then it’s just a fun read.